What can you expect at Silverado Counseling?

Clients often come to their first therapy session with preconceived ideas about what therapy is about. Here at Silverado Counseling Services, you will be greeted in a relaxed environment by staff that is friendly and helpful. At your first session, your therapist will explain expectations including confidentiality and agency policy for participation. The remainder of the session will be spent gathering information about you and your life in order for your therapist to understand your circumstances better. Finally, your therapist will develop goals for treatment that will consider your desired outcomes.

What will we expect from you?

When you begin treatment with Silverado Counseling Services, we will explain a few policies and expectations for your participation. These are some basic guidelines for safety and respect to help make your experience better. Perhaps the most important expectation that your counselor will have is that you attend scheduled appointments prepared to address treatment issues and that you apply yourself in counseling.

How do we view our clients?

The fact that people want to come to therapy in order to make personal improvements and to improve their functioning across relationships and life commands great respect from us. We understand that mental health issues affect persons from all walks of life and do not discriminate based on economic status, education level, religious affiliation or other determinants. With this in mind, we treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We employ various models of psychological theory but it is safe to say that all therapeutic approaches contain strong elements of Humanistic and Client-Centered models.

Our clients tell us they appreciate the professional yet relaxed atmosphere at Silverado Counseling. They often comment about how reassuring their experience is and how our staff made the process of therapy fruitful.

We are pleased to be a part of your effort to “be a better you” but as with most great journeys, it starts with the first step. We await your call and look forward to assisting you with your goals.

How do I get in for an appointment?

Arrangements can be made by calling the main office where staff will complete a referral form including basic information about your needs, funding and desired office location. Contact us today by clicking HERE.

What if I miss an appointment?

If you miss an appointment, it is your responsibility to contact our office and/or your therapist to reschedule. Do not assume that you will automatically be scheduled at the same time the next week.

Please do not use the email access on this website to contact your therapist for appointment cancellations.

Please be aware that if you drop out of treatment, if you have excessive “No Shows” or if you have an unpaid balance on your account:

  • Silverado Counseling will not provide letters for court.
  • Silverado Counseling will not respond to SSI information requests.
  • Silverado Counseling will not provide file information to you and or any other requesting agency.



Are clients ever denied access to services?

Yes, there are times when a client might not be appropriate for services with Silverado Counseling because of funding issues or the needs of the client cannot be met through our current resources. Some examples might be when a potential client requires substance detoxification or might need a higher level of care, such as hospitalization.

Do I get to select my therapist?

Most cases are generally assigned based on the information gathered during the initial phone call and “referral form” information. We do ask clients if they have a preference for a male or a female therapist and if they have a desired location to attend. Mostly, cases are assigned to specific therapists based on the clients needs as they match with a particular therapist’s specialties or training.

Can I bring other people with me to therapy?

Certainly, if they are scheduled to participate in your treatment session. However, we strongly discourage clients from bringing children or other persons not scheduled for sessions due to liability and safety concerns.

-We cannot supervise your children while you are in session and we want to avoid any unfortunate accidents or incidents.

-When parents are distracted by children at sessions, they are not able to give their full attention to their treatment. Your session should be dedicated to your needs.

-Our Licensing requires that we provide emotional and physical safety for all clients coming to Silverado Counseling for services. This means that we become responsible for all persons in the waiting area of our offices.

Why is regular attendance so important?

Like any other therapy, consistency can improve overall results and maintain your improved level of functioning. When clients miss appointments or prematurely drop out of treatment, they tend to regress and negative symptoms can increase.

Can I bring my dog or other pets?

We do have an office dog, “Bella” at the main office. She might greet you in the lobby but she is generally resting in her office.  Our general policy is that animals are not allowed in our offices due to liability and sanitation concerns. If your animal has an accident, we will have to call for a professional cleaning crew because of biohazards.

If you have a trained and certified guide dog, please advise staff before attending your first appointment. In order to be considered a guide dog, therapy dog or medical support animal, we require evidence of certification. We would ask that you make other arrangements for “guide dogs in training or companion pets” when you attend appointments at our offices.

May I bring food and drinks to therapy sessions?

We ask that persons not bring food or drinks to the office because of health concerns and the potential for spills. We want to keep the offices clean and it would be difficult for staff to take time to clean-up spills. We do have water available or you can bring your own water.