About Us

A Message from the Founder

“As the founder of Silverado Counseling Services, I started this agency with a vision of what treatment services “should be” and a genuine desire to help others. My professional experience comes from over 20 years of working across various mental health settings including adolescent residential programs, hospital emergency centers, a crisis call center, an elementary school, an adult psychiatric residential facility, a college counseling center and as a member of a crisis outreach team. This variety of clinical experiences has contributed to the makeup of our philosophical approach, the diversity of our clinical team and our client-centered focus. I truly believe that we have designed an environment and developed a staff conducive to better outcomes for our clients. Thank you for considering us.”

- Mark Weisbender, LCSW 


Our mission is to provide individuals with professional result-driven mental healthcare services and support for the betterment of themselves and the community. 

Our vision is to build quality-professional relationships with our clients and referral workers in the mental health community, through our professional services, honesty and respect.

We value highly individualized care and support to meet the needs of our clients.

How we view our Clients

The fact that people want to come to therapy in order to make personal improvements and to improve their functioning across relationships and life commands great respect from us. We understand that mental health issues affect persons from all walks of life and they do not discriminate based on the economic status, education level, religious affiliation or other determinants. With this in mind, we treat all clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We employ various models of psychological theory but it is safe to say that all therapeutic approaches contain strong elements of Humanistic and Client-Centered models.

Our clients tell us they appreciate the professional yet relaxed atmosphere at Silverado Counseling. They often comment about how reassuring their experience is and how our staff made the process of therapy fruitful.

We are very pleased to be a part of your effort to “be a better you” but as with most great journeys, it starts with the first step. We await your call and look forward to assisting you with your goals.

What you can expect in therapy
At the time of intake, your therapist will review consent forms and resource documents integral to our professional practice. Your therapist will explore your needs and concerns and discuss your objectives and goals. Subsequent sessions will continue the exploration of barriers and challenges to improve coping, functioning and your personal success. Additional resources or supporting tools may be employed such as medication management, group therapy, skills development or resources in the community.

Silverado Counseling Services was organized in 1998. In the years since, we have proudly served thousands of clients.  Our professional services helped clients find purpose in life, relief from symptoms, overcome struggles and addictions and achieve a better quality of life.

Silverado Counseling has well-trained professionals available. Each therapist represents a scope of skills and specialties to meet your individualized needs.